Technology Insights

Cannot Checkout on Fictionwise Using iPod Touch Stanza Client

Earlier today I was purchasing a book called “The Alchemist” on Fictionwise using the Stanza application loaded on my iPod Touch. It was really frustrating because the process has way to many steps, is missing buttons, and does not make it easy to fill out the fields on the checkout forms. It is actually possible to complete the process though.

  1. Launch Stanza: Launch the Stanza application from your iPod Touch.
  2. Open Stanza Library: Make sure you are starting out on the Library screen which is the Stanza home screen.

Technology Insights

How to Use Gmail as an SMTP Server

Below is a brief explanation of how to use Gmail as an SMTP server to send email. I personally needed to configure Gmail to test Cforms WordPress plugin to make sure there wasn’t a problem with a clients hosting company servers native PHP mail. I used the below steps to create an account, configure the Gmail settings, and then verify the email was sent.

  1. Create Gmail Account: Got to and create a new account.
  2. Open Cform Settings: Login to your WordPress admin, click on cforms in the left side nav, click on “Global Settings”, and then click on the “SMTP Server Settings” line.

Technology Insights

How to Update WordPress Blog URL

Below are a couple simple steps to update your WordPress blog’s URL. The below is valid if you are simply switching the URL using the same domain or if you are changing the WordPress domain all together. You will run into problems if you do not make sure to update each item.

  1. Update WordPress SiteURL: In the database table wp_options make sure to change siteurl to the new URL. This should be the first row in the wp_options table.
  2. Change Blog Address: Under “Settings” and then “General” change the “Blog Address” to the new URL.

Technology Errors

Error: Missing dependency: is needed by package nfs-utils

When performing a “yum update” I received the following error which deals with a library needed by the nfs-utils package on CentOS.

Error: Missing dependency: is needed by package nfs-utils

On this machine NFS is not needed so I took the following steps to complete the “yum update”.

  1. Remove nfs-utils: First remove nfs-utils by issuing the below command.
  2. bash

    1. yum remove nfs-utils

Technology Insights

How to Change Timezone on Linux

Changing the timezone on Linux is easy. The timezone within Linux is set by a symbolic link located in the /etc directory which needs to be changed to the new timezone. Once this is changed the time needs to be synced to a time server. I recently moved from Las Vegas to Louisville and had not changed a Linux server to the new timezone. Follow the steps below and the new timezone will be set and updated.

  1. Backup Current Timezone: Issue the below command on your server to backup the current timezone information just in case there are issues.

    1. cp -p /etc/localtime /etc/localtime.bak