Technology Insights

Add a SSH Key to Your Github Account for a Linux Server

Adding an SSH key to your account for a Linux server is easy. I did notice that it appeared I was doing something incorrectly but the issue was actually with Internet Explorer and once I switched to Firefox everything went smoothly.

  1. Open¬†GitHub Account Settings: Open in a browser and login. Click “account” in the top right corner.
    **NOTE** Make sure to use a browser other than IE. Firefox works just fine but IE will not open the area to add a new SSH key.

Technology Errors

file /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/psvn.el from install of subversion-1.5.5-0.1.el5.rf conflicts with file

When upgrading Subversion on CentOS you may run into a conflict issue under certain circumstances. I noticed this issue when installing git via yum which required an upgrade of subversion. The installation of git failed because of a “Transaction Check Error” that was caused by the upgrade of subversion. The special circumstances included a 64-Bit install of CentOS and the rpmforge yum repo being installed.

To resolve this issue simply remove the 32-Bit version of subversion and then proceed. The process of getting this error and actually completing a successful upgrade of subversion is detailed below.

Technology Insights

Windows XP on Dell D420 Wireless Showing No Wireless Networks In Range

Recently I removed the Intel Pro Wireless Manager from my Dell D420 laptop. When it was removed I had the Radio set to off because I was plugged into my LAN via Ethernet. Once it was removed and I rebooted I was unable to see any wireless networks in the Wireless Network Connection configuration window. In the Wireless Network Connections Window you will see the below message.

Wireless Network Connections Not In Range

There are two different things that could be the issue if you run into this problem. Each of these problems is listed below along with resolutions to each one.