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Linksys WRT600N Running DD-WRT Wireless Devices Not Communicating With Wired Devices

If you are having trouble communicating between the wired and wireless networks after installing or upgrading your Linksys WRT600N wireless router with dd-wrt firmware then the issue is likely related to the VLAN configuration. After you flash the firmware on a Linksys WRT600N you will have the default dd-wrt settings. One of these settings includes separating the wired and wireless traffic because this is the correct way to secure things because the wireless network is much more likely to be breached than the wired network. Switching this setting to allow communication between wired and wireless devices is easy by following the directions below.

  1. Login To WRT600N: Visit the web administration GUI at your routers internal IP address using the HTTPS protocol. If HTTPS is not set up then you should first configure that before you proceed.

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Linksys WRT 600N Wireless Router Upgraded With DD-WRT Firmware Issues

I have been running dd-wrt firmware on my Linksys wrt600n for awhile now however I have always had some issues. I had finally had the configuration to where the issues were minimal however it has never been perfect. I decided since it had been a couple months it was time to try a newer build from the site. I upgraded and things got a lot worse in terms of wireless on the 2.4 GHz channel so I did a ton of troubleshooting and read a lot of posts semi related to my problems with the 600N on the dd-wrt forum. During the reading I learned a lot about the proper way to flash the firmware and I wanted to share my findings here.

First off when you upgrade the firmware you are supposed to do a hard reset before the firmware upgrade and after the firmware upgrade. A hard reset should be done following the below directions.

**NOTE** Hold the reset button in during this entire process

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How to Remove a Contact from Your LinkedIn Connections

Removing a contact from your LinkedIn connections is easy as long as you can find the link. It took me a couple minutes to see it but once I did I wondered how I didn’t see it quicker. Anyhow I wanted to post how to do this to hopefully save someone else a little bit of time. I normally would not care about deleting a contact however a business colleagues friend who requested me as a friend and I accepted continues to send me messages about doing business even though I have politely declined and emails with webinar requests. If you work in the technology field you are very familiar with the type of guy I am talking about that is the pushy sales guy type that typically doesn’t even know anything about technology!

Follow the instructions below to remove a contact from LinkedIn.

  1. Login to LinkedIn:Go to and login.

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Easily Add a Site to Using Yahoo Search Enhancements

You can easily add reviews to sites on by using a Yahoo Search Enhancement. I had never really used Yahoo Search Enhancements but they are pretty cool and I will be using more of them in the future. They are almost like Google Gadgets specifically related to web searches. Using Yahoo Search Enhancements does not require the installation of any software. The StumbleUpon search enhancement will provide the number of reviews, links to those reviews, a link to review the site, and a link to thumbs up the site. Use the directions below to install the Yahoo Search Enhancement and review a web site on

  1. Open Yahoo Search: Visit in a browser.

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SplashID: Unable to Sync Because iPhone Shows No Desktop found…

I decided to finally make the jump to some sort of information manager after a talk I had with someone at work today. When working for so many companies , managing so many devices, and being a member of so many web communities it is almost impossible to remember login information, IP information, and random other notes about every installation, web site, etc. I started looking for a solution where I could at least store devices, I could access this information from anywhere (at least on my Touch), and it was secure. I was pleasantly surprised by SplashID which will allow you to store all sorts of information in all sorts of ways. The best part is that when it boils down to it this information is going to be more secure in a solution like SplashID, which uses encryption that tops banks, versus being spread through out various notepads, documents, emails, and other places on numerous computers and possibly even on paper.