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Fast Secure Contact Form Error – Could not read CAPTCHA token file. Try again.

After upgrading the Fast Secure Contact Form plugin for WordPress you should definitely test to make sure things are working properly because you likely will receive an error when submitting the contact form if you are using the built in captcha. The error which is explained in more detail complains of not being able to read a token file. Below we describe how to quickly resolve the Fast Secure Contact Form captcha error.

Technology Insights

Require HTTPS For ClientExec Installed In Sub Directory

If you have ClientExec installed in a sub-directory say /clientexec and want to require HTTPS only for ClientExec the easiest way to accomplish this is by putting a .htaccess file inside of the sub directory itself. There are numerous solutions to this posted as CE Knowledge Base Articles and within the CE forums but many of them did not work for me so I wanted to post the solution that worked on setup using CentOS as the operating system and using Apache/PHP/MySQL on that platform.

Technology Insights

Add Google Analytics To ClientExec

I am a big fan of ClientExec as it is easy to install and very easy to use. Over the years it has always been easy to upgrade and the support is prompt. If you want to add Google Analytics to your ClientExec installation you simply need to add it in two locations if you are using the default template and if you are using a custom ClientExec template then you need to add it in one more location.

Technology Insights

Skype Instant Message History Using 100% CPU On OSX

I really miss the old versions of Skype on my Macbook running OSX Mountain Lion. While I could just download and install one of the Skype version for .DMG’s some people I talk with require the newer version of Skype to use some of the features not available in the older versions, etc. I wish Skype would stop with the Facebook integration and all the other fancy stuff and just allow me to send instant messages and make phone calls as I am not sure I have ever seen a piece of software that I once liked so much take so many steps backwards. Anyhow the issue at hand is Skype on OSX Mountain Lion using all of your computers CPU and unfortunately my resolution to the issue is to use a third party application to view Skype history.