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Disable Microsoft Narrator Using The Utility Manager

I fell asleep with my laptop in front of me the other night and noticed when I woke up that everything I typed was being repeated by some computer sounding voice on my laptop called Sam. Turns out I had accidentally turned on Microsoft Narrator by hitting the Win-Key + U. This utility is one of a couple of others including Microsoft Magnifier that are managed by the Microsoft Utility Manager. Depending on the operating system these utilities run in different ways and the below article is based on Windows XP Pro though turning it off is similar on other Windows versions as well. I believe in Windows 2000 the Utility Manager actually runs as a service so the service can be disabled in the Services Manager.

Technology Insights

Simpleviewer Pro: Move Arrows To Each Sides of Thumbnail Rows

SimpleViewer offers a great way to display your photo albums on WordPress combined with NextGen Gallery in an easy to browse format. The arrows display out to the sides of the thumbnails when you only have one row configured however you must have the source code that comes with purchasing the product to modify the source and move the arrows to the sides if you have multiple rows of thumbnails configured. I figure it is worth the money if this is a gallery you are using as it would cost much more in time to develop the gallery yourself.

The default location of the arrows is shown below in the image.

Technology Errors

Windows TortoiseSVN SASL – sasl(-1): generic failure: unable to find a callback: 2

I beat my head on the wall for awhile with the below error because the information online was fairly limited. Let me start by saying that using TortoiseSVN as a SVN client for Windows will authenticate against a Linux server running svnserve using SASL DIGEST-MD5 encryption. This means you should be able to authenticate against svnserve set up with these options configured which are “use-sasl = true”, “min-encryption = 128”, and “max-encryption = 256”.

When all of this started my goal was to create a SVN server with one repo for testing. I upgraded from TortoiseSVN 1.5.2 to the latest stable build of TortoiseSVN which was version I downloaded the latest stable release from the TortoiseSVN site here. Once installed everything was going fine with my original goal until I got to checking out the repository on my local PC.

Technology Errors

SVN Checkout: svn: Cannot negotiate authentication mechanism

You may receive an error similar to the one below stating that SVN cannot negotiate the authentication mechanism during initial installation of Subversion. I received the below error when I was testing a new SVN repository I had set up on a CentOS Linux server and was attempting to checkout the repo from another CentOS Linux server. Below I describe basic configuration and what was done to move pas this error.

svn: Cannot negotiate authentication mechanism

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How to Open OneNote Files Without OneNote Being Installed: Open .one Files

Opening Microsoft Office OneNote files without OneNote being installed can be a bit of a pain but it is possible and therer are numerous options to do so. Below I will provide a couple different ways to go about reading the OneNote notebook or file. The first of which is if someone has sent you a .one (OneNote) file and you want to open it without having to ask them to provide a different format. The second method will be providing them numerous different formats that they could provide you the OneNote file in including Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx) and HTML.

The first method I will explain is opening the file without having to ask the person who sent you the file to do anything. Regardless of what method you want to use to view the files you will be required to download and install the trial of Microsoft Office OneNote that lasts for 60 days. After 60 days you should still be able to view files but you will not be able to edit them.