Technology Errors

RightScale Stop Recipe From Being Used In RightScript, GIT /tmp/

If you have created a custom RightScript in the RightScale interface that uses git to clone a repository and you are running that RightScript on boot following the RightScale git_repo recipe then you likely are having issues. The problem appears to stem from the fact that the environment variables are not completely cleaned up as expected including $GIT_SSH and possibly others. I have a work around noted below along with a line you can enter in your RightScript to clear the $GIT_SSH ENV variable as well.

Information Security

sqllhf – Backtrack 5 – Vulnerability Assessment – Database Assessment – MSSQL Assessment – sqllhf

It appears that SQLLHF no longer works in Backtrack 5 release 3. When attempting to run this application it throws an error. I may update this article later with more information as I know the author of the software and once I can speak with him I will update accordingly. The good news is SQLLHF doesn’t accomplish any goals that other Microsoft SQL Server tools can accomplish so there is no loss in terms of functionality however at this point its just taking up real estate in the BT5 menu.

Technology Errors

The program sqldict.exe has encountered a serious problem and needs to close

When running SQLDict on Backtrack Linux it is possible to run into an issue where SQLDict crashes when loading the password file. The issue appears to be that the SQLDict executable is expecting the password file to have a file ending on it no matter what it is and if not it causes SQLDict and Wine to crash on BT5 r3. Below the error is displayed along with a work around for the problem.

Technology Insights

Connect To Microsoft SQL Server From OSX

If your daily driver is a Macbook or similar and you also manage a network that has Microsoft SQL Server running on it then it can be useful to login to those MSSQL Servers remotely. Even if its simply to view database layout or verify a service is running properly by actually connecting to it there is no doubt that having an easy method to connect to Microsoft SQL from OSX is beneficial. There are a bunch of JAVA based clients such as SQuirreL SQL Client or SQLRazor that are great applications but I personally use DBVisualizer or Navicat which are both described in more detail below.