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Create A New WordPress Admin Page And Add It To The WP Admin Menu

After a recent issue I ran across I decided I needed a way I could view a list of WordPress posts with the most comments so I searched for a simple plugin that would do that. I couldn’t find anything that did specifically what I wanted to though I did find a WordPress plugin called Most Commented that would display a front-end widget with a list of posts with the most comments. After installing it I needed to modify the plugin to display a page in the WordPress admin section located at /wp-admin. Below I will describe how to create a plugin that generates a WordPress admin page and adds a link to the WordPress admin navigation.

Technology Insights

WordPress External Links Plugin Not Displaying Posts With Lots Of Comments

I just discovered the WordPress External Links plugin and couldn’t be happier with it. The plugin only has a couple functions but the SEO benefit seems to really be amazing. The External Links plugin will add a “nofollow” tag to all of the links on your WordPress blog which tells search engines to not count the link against your page rank. An extra benefit of the plugin is the fact that it adds a small external link icon at the end of each external link so readers of your WordPress blog know that they will be leaving the site. One other function of the plugin is you can make all external links open in a new window though I chose not to enable this because I cannot stand when reading articles and when I click on a link and it opens a new window.

Technology Insights

How To Record Skype Calls Automatically When A Conversation Starts

I needed to record a short Skype conversation on a Windows XP computer┬áthe other day so I looked around at a couple options. There are a bunch of different applications but I wasn’t interested in paying for an application until I could at least try it. I settled on downloading and trying PrettyMay to record Skype calls and it appears to have been a good choice. Below I will describe some of the functions I like about PrettyMay and also explain how to configure various options.

Technology Insights

Daemon In Linux To Open A TCP Port That Listens On Every IP And Logs TCP Connections

Yesterday a colleague at my company was doing some testing with a potential partner and they needed to open a TCP port on one of our development servers so an application could bind to that port. At first I wasn’t sure how I should do this since the port didn’t need to do anything but listen for incoming connections and the remote application would simply connect to that port. To get something up immediately for them I simply had our web server listen on the requested port which worked however I did not want the web server running on this port for long so I needed to come up with another solution to simply open the port, listen for connections, and possibly log those connections so we could troubleshoot if necessary. I ended up finding an application called tcpsnoop which I explain how to compile and use below.

Technology Errors

Cron Bash Script Error: /usr/bin/env: ruby: No such file or directory

I needed to create a bash shell script tonight that called another shell script with options that then would load a Ruby environment and execute certain commands within a Ruby project. I ran into numerous issues but most were silly things such as typos or other minor issues caused by myself. The one issue I had a little trouble figuring out because of the file that was causing the error related to cron not being able to run “/usr/bin/env: ruby”. My bash script worked perfectly from the Linux CLI shell however when attempting to run it I would always get the same error. Below I list details about the error, where I finally located what the error was, and how to resolve the error.