Technology Errors

rubygems.rb:578:in report_activate_error: RubyGem version error: rspec(1.1.11 not = 1.2.4) (Gem::LoadError)

Earlier when attempting to use request-log-analyzer on a new server I had just installed it on I got the error stated below. There are numerous updates to the gems I was using to fulfill all of the requirements of the request-log-analyzer gem. I went through and updated many of the gems until I ran into an issue with the hoe gem that required an update to rubygems. Once I upgraded rubygems everything worked properly without throwing any errors. I probably could have simply updated rubygems and things would have worked fine without upgrading all of the other gems it was complaining about.

Technology Insights

Nintendo Wii: Find Out What System Menu Version Is Installed, Wii System Menu Version

I have been playing around with some different configurations on my Nintendo Wii lately and needed to find out the specific firmware version and/or system menu version on the Wii. It is really easy to find this out but I wanted to note it so next time I needed to find out the Wii system menu version I wouldn’t have to hunt around. Follow the directions below to locate the system menu version on the Wii.

Code Snippets

Use JavaScript To Require Data To Be Entered Into A Form Field Before It Can Be Submitted

I needed a simple way to require data in a form field before it could be submitted. There are chunks of JavaScript code all of the Internet that allow you to do this easily so I selected one and added it to my form with ease. One small issue I had was it required that the name attribute be modified for it to work which caused an issue with the application I was adding it to. The issue was the name attribute was modified thus it would not save the data to the proper database table column. Below I explain how to add this bit of JavaScript to your form and modify your form for it to function properly.

Technology Insights

Django Media Files Not Displaying In Apache Using FastCGI

I got stuck trying to display the Django media files from a Django project served using FastCGI configured in Apache. I thought for sure that the issue must be something with Apache so I tried a ton of different configuration variables. I wanted to share in case anyone else runs into the CSS and image files not showing up for the Django admin site. If the admin login to your Django project does not look similar to the below then the media files are not being loaded properly.

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Init Script To Run Django FastCGI Threaded On A TCP Port

I have been messing around with Django over the past week and experimenting with various settings. I first ran Django using mod_ptyhon from Apache but the results were unimpressive. Apache served the Django project’s pages extremely slow using the Apache mod_python module. After some reading I decided to give the Apache mod_fastcgi module a try to see if the results were any better. I was definitely happier with the web page load time so I then decided to experiment with various FastCGI settings.