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Windows 7: Dell Quickset Or Windows Mobility Center Hotkey Combination

Dell QuickSet has become a modified Windows Mobility Center in Windows 7. At first I was looking everywhere for a keyboard shortcut for Dell QuickSet which I was unable to locate. Finally I realized that Dell QuickSet had become a modified Windows Mobility Center so any time you launch QuickSet or Windows Mobility Center you will receive the same configuration window. Below I describe the Windows Mobility Center hotkey combination as well as how to make a shortcut for Dell QuickSet and attach it to the taskbar in Windows 7.

Technology Insights

Enable Outlook 2007 Search And Indexing On A Computer Running The Windows 7 Operating System

I am using Outlook 2007 on my new laptop that is running Windows 7 Ultimate. When I first received the laptop I decided to disable Windows Instant Search because in the past it has always slowed my computers down so much it wasn’t worth having it enabled. I was messing around with the Outlook 2007 settings and noticed that Indexing and Search was not available to configure because it was greyed out. Needless to say I wanted to give Windows Instant Search a shot so I could have these features available in Outlook 2007. Below is how I enabled Windows Instant Search and verified Outlook 2007 indexed various folders and messages on Microsoft Windows 7.

Technology Errors

If Aspell Is Already Installed, Do Correction Of Relative Path To aspell-15.dll And Restart

I wasn’t sure if Notepad++ was going to install properly on my new laptop running Windows 7 64-Bit. After the initial installation of Notepad++ I was receiving an error that I assumed must be related to the fact that this was a 64-Bit OS and not a 32-Bit OS. The issue ended up being a silly mistake on my end and was very easy to resolve. Below I explain the error along with how to resolve the error. This should resolve the problem on any version of Windows regardless of if the OS is 64-Bit or 32-Bit.

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Console.exe System Error: The Program Can’t Start Because FreeImagePlus.dll Is Missing

I received a new laptop this afternoon that is running Windows 7 64-Bit. This is my first experience with Windows 7 and my first personal laptop running a 64-Bit OS so I was expecting to have a bunch of problems installing all of the applications that I use. I have been pleasantly surprised that the issues have been almost non-existent though during the installation of Console I ran into an error after trying to launch the Console application. Below is information on the error along with how to resolve the problem when running Console on Windows 7 64-Bit.

Technology Insights

Download Youtube Videos Using Firefox Add-On Called 1-Click Youtube Video Download

Someone at work asked me today if I could download a Youtube video for them so they could burn it to DVD for some project. I remembered being able to do this with a Firefox plugin but had forgotten which plugin I previously used. After a quick search I came up with the 1-Click Youtube Video Download Firefox plugin which made the task really easy. Follow the directions below to download Youtube videos.