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Copy Multiple Items To The Windows 7 Clipboard Using WinKlipper

With Microsoft Office you can turn on the ability to copy multiple items to the MS Office clipboard so you would sort of assume that the same functionality would be built into Windows however this is not the case. I rarely need to copy multiple items and have access to them immediately and when I do I typically just copy them into Notepad++ or Evernote and then access them in either place whenever I need them. I wanted to try having the ability to use the Windows clipboard to have immediate access to multiple items and that is how I ran across WinKlipper which is an free open source application that allows you to do just that. Below I explain how to get WinKlipper, how to install WinKlipper on Windows 7, and the basics of the WinKlipper configuration.

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Microsoft Outlook 2007: How To Reinstall Outlook Mobile Service Add-In

I recently wrote an article about an issue I had with the Outlook Mobile Service add-in which comes bundled with Microsoft Outlook 2007. The OMS add-in appeared to cause Outlook to crash numerous times on my Windows 7 computer so I not only disabled it but I removed it. In writing the article I needed to reinstall the add-in so I could get some images to place in the article so people could follow the steps to remove the OMS add-in but I was unable to find any articles explaining anything about removing it or reinstalling it. I figured at some point someone will remove the Outlook Mobile Service add-in and later need to reinstall it so the directions below will allow someone with Outlook 2007 to install the Outlook Mobile Service add-in.

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Outlook Experienced A Series Problem With The Microsoft Outlook Mobile Service Add-In

When I first installed Microsoft Outlook 2007 on my new Windows 7 laptop I had some issues with it crashing. At first I was unable to locate the issue but eventually I received the below error which pointed to the Microsoft Outlook Mobile Service add-in or OMS as it is also called. While I never did have any OMS accounts configured the add-in was loading every time that Microsoft Outlook 2007 started thus taking resources and opening the door for error. This add-in is just another service that Microsoft assumes you want and/or need with fairly little documentation available for installing, uninstalling, or reinstalling. Below I describe the error I received, another error that could appear that can be related, and how to remove the add-in from loading ever time Outlook 2007 starts.

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Setup WordPress Comment Notifications To Your iPhone Using WordPress WPTouch Plugin And Prowl

There are numerous items that need to be installed to make this work end to end and I assume that you probably have one of the items already installed which is how you probably found this article. The end goal is to be able to receive Push Notifications on your iPhone in a couple different scenarios including whenever someone posts a comment to an article on your WordPress blog, when new users register on your WordPress blog, or when users send you direct messages using your WordPress mobile theme’s contact form. You may or may not be familiar with Push Notifications on your iPhone so I will explain specifically what they are below but the short explanation is they are notification messages of some sort that will pop up on your iPhone without you having to have a specific application already open. Below I describe how to integrate your WordPress blog with Prowl using the WPTouch WordPress plugin.

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Xbox 360: Your NAT Type Is Moderate, Configure Port Forwarding On Your Router

If you have an Xbox 360 connected to the Internet (Xbox Live) on your LAN (Local Area Network) then you have at one point or another probably seen an error message stating something similar to “Your NAT type is Moderate”. This message was more than likely discovered while troubleshooting your Xbox 360’s connection over your home network to Xbox Live. Some of the problems associated with the “Your NAT type is Moderate” include but are not limited to problems connecting to Xbox Live online games, issues joining Xbox 360 Party Chats via Xbox Live, other Xbox Live users having problems connecting to your Xbox 360 when you are hosting an online multiplayer game, and almost any other scenario where you are attempting to communicate with other Xbox Live users from the Xbox 360 connected to your Local Area Network.