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Sony VGN-TZ180N: Display Not Filling Entire Screen In Windows XP, Resolution Max Is 1024×768

A client recently had me reinstall Windows XP on their Sony Vaio VGN-TZ180N laptop. There were lots of driver issues after installing Windows XP Professional that were mostly resolved by downloading various drivers from Sony’s support site for the laptop. One that caused me a bunch of problems because I assumed it was related to reinstalling the operating system was the display driver. Once I finally figured out what the issue was it was really easy to resolve but again locating the problem was hard to do. Below I describe the drivers to install and how to resolve the issue of the display only filling about half the width of the laptop screen.

Technology Errors

ERROR: Error installing webrat: Could not create Makefile due to some reason, probably lack of necessary libraries and/or headers.

One of my tasks today at work was to install numerous Ruby gems on a couple of our development servers. One of those gems was called webrat which is used for “Ruby acceptance testing and for web applications”. When I attempted to install webrat using “gem install webrat” from a Linux shell I received some errors which I describe below along with how to resolve the error in my scenario. It is likely for you to get similar errors however not the same exact errors so the key is analyzing the output of the “gem install” command to see if it will lead you to resolution.

Technology Insights

How To Find Out How Much Disk Space Is Available On A Mac Running OSX

Earlier I was installing some applications on my little sisters Macbook Pro and needed to verify how much disk space was available. I was installing numerous applications and I wasn’t sure how large her hard drive was or how much space she had already used. Below is a brief explanation on how to find out how much disk space is available on a Mac running OSX, which in this example is specifically OSX Leopard, using both the terminal or some graphical tools.

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Google Chrome Extension IE Tab To Open Web Pages With Internet Explorer In Chrome Tabs

After switching from Windows XP to Windows 7 on my new laptop I also changed my primary browser from Microsoft Internet Explorer to Google Chrome. I have been really happy with the results as Chrome is really lightweight and runs very smoothly. One thing I was initially not happy with was the fact that I used Google Toolbar all the time with Internet Explorer and it was not available for Chrome. I then spent some time researching all of the Chrome extensions I would need to install to simulate everything that I was able to do with the Google Toolbar installed in Internet Explorer.