Technology Errors

make: *** No rule to make target -largtable2, needed by ../../bin/linux/release/CUDA-Multiforcer. Stop.

When attempting to compile the CUDA Multiforcer on CentOS Linux I ran into an error because the argtable2 package was not installed on the server. The CUDA Multiforcer application is a security audit tool used to check the strength of MD4, MD5, NTLM, and SHA1 password hashes. The CUDA Multiforcer attempts to brute force one of those types of hashes by attempting every combination of characters specified such as lowercase only characters, lowercase characters and numbers, etc. This tool can be extremely beneficial for checking the strength of user passwords for various operating systems and/or applications that store their passwords in a MD4, MD5, NTLM, or SHA1 hash. As you can see in the below error the issue appears to be with argtable2 which is not a package available with the default yum repositories on CentOS. Below I display the error and describe what repository to install to be able to use yum to install the argtable2 RPM package.

Technology Insights

Delete Gmail Messages, Delete All Messages That Match A Specific Search In Gmail

A company I work with uses Gmail to log exception emails from our Ruby on Rails application. This allows us to always capture issues with the application and keep a lengthy history of all the issues without using up disk space on the server itself. Sometimes if there is an issues on a development server that is not fixed right away we may get thousands of emails into the Gmail account that are all the same and it benefits us to clear these out from time to time since they can number over 50,000 at times. The example image below shows our Ruby on Rails application exception inbox from Gmail.

Technology Errors

Error Building Pyrit On CentOS: cpyrit/_cpyrit_cpu.c:26:18: error: pcap.h: No such file or directory

When building pyrit, which is an application that uses GPU power to run dictionary attacks against WPA handshake captures, on CentOS Linux I ran into an error. The error was related to the pcap.h library which was not found by the pyrit python script. Resolving the problem is easy by simply installing the libpcap-devel RPM package using the yum package manager. Below I display more output surrounding the error, the log showing the libpcap-devel package installation, and finally the successful build of pyrit on CentOS Linux.

Technology Errors

Error: Missing Dependency: is needed by package python26-2.6.2-2.i386

One of the annoying things about CentOS Linux is the current dependency on Python version 2.4. Typically I install Python version 2.6 and compile new programs using the 2.6 version of python instead of the 2.4 version. Recently on a server I had just installed CentOS 5.4 on I had a dependency issue when attempting to install python version 2.6 from the CHL repository. Below I display the error and describe how to install the libffi package on CentOS Linux.

Technology Errors

/usr/include/gnu/stubs.h:7:27: error: gnu/stubs-32.h: No such file or directory

When compiling an application called pyrit on a new CentOS Linux server I ran into an issue with some libraries. Pyrit is an application used to perform dictionary attacks against WPA handshakes and can be really useful for security auditing. The error below is easily resolved on any version of Linux by simply installing the glibc-devel RPM package. Below I display the error in detail as well as how to resolve the error on CentOS by installing the glibc-devel RPM using the Yum package manager.