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ActionView::TemplateError (comparison of Fixnum with nil failed) on line #38 of app/views/layouts/base.rhtml

The below error is another error related to upgrading Redmine. I imagine part of the reason I had a lot of errors is because I hadn’t upgraded this installation of Redmine, which we really just use for development, for a long time. In fact the upgrade took this installation of Redmine from 0.8.3 to Redmine 0.9.3. After I completed all of the steps in the Redmine upgrade I attempted to bring up the Redmine site in my Chrome browser but I received a 500 error from the LiteSpeed web server. The resolution was easy and is displayed below along with more details regarding the error.

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Adding Redmine Project Error: ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid (Mysql::Error: Unknown column projects_count in field list

I was working on a project today for a client and after the initial research I realized that the project actually warranted an entire sub project account in Redmine. The reasoning behind this was even though the project would be using the same Ruby project code as the primary project this specific side project would need to allow access to the tickets for one of our partners. The easiest way to allow the partners accounts access to only a specific set of tickets, their own wiki, etc. would be to generate a sub Redmine project underneath of the primary Redmine project. So obviously the first thing to do was to add the project so I could start configuring it and this is where I ran into the initial issue. I received an internal server error when attempting to add the sub project within Redmine. Below I describe the issue, what I think caused the issue, and the end resolution that allowed me to start adding sub projects within Redmine again.

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Upgrade Redmine Rake Migrate Error: uninitialized constant ActionController::AbstractRequest

I ran into an issue earlier where adding a sub project to an already existing Redmine project produced an error and after a little bit of troubleshooting determined that upgrading Redmine would resolve the issue. During the upgrade process I ran into some other issues including a specific migration error using rake that is noted below. The upgrade process involved upgrading Redmine 0.8.3 to Redmine 0.9.3.

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Take The Hard Drive Out Of The Case: SimpleDrive Model #96300-41001-170

A friend of mine who is a DJ dropped one of his friends external hard drives in the dark the other night while spinning at a club. Once he got home he attempted to plug his friends external USB hard drive, which is a 1TB SimpleDrive (model #96300-41001-170), into his computer but it was not being recognized. Once he tried a couple of other things he gave me a call to see if I could look at it. Without going into details about what was wrong with the hard drive itself I thought others might find it useful to have instructions including pictures about how to remove the hard drive from the SimpleDrive case. Below I describe how to remove the hard drive from a external USB 1 Terabyte SimpleDrive.

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Modify Opera Bit Torrent Configuration Settings, Modify Opera Web Browser Settings

Typically when I want to modify a setting related to one of the browsers I use I open the main Preferences configuration window, navigate to the correct sub section, make the modification, and then save the new browser configuration setting. Opera does have a typical Preferences configuration window however I was initially unable to locate the torrent settings from within the that Preferences configuration window so I had to do a little more digging to find out where to modify the Opera Torrent Settings. Below I display the default Opera Preferences window where I could not find the Torrent Settings and then the proper way to modify the Opera web browser torrent settings.