Technology Errors

GNU m4 Error: /usr/bin/m4: unrecognized option –debugfile

The m4 error noted in the title and again below is another error I received quite awhile back with very little detail in the notes. I had mentioned that I resolved the error by uninstalling the x86_64 version of m4 and installing the i386 version. After further investigation I am sure the issue was not related to being 32-bit versus 64-bit but instead related to the m4 version instead. Below I describe note the error and how to resolve the error.

Technology Errors

Windows 7 Photoshop Crash: Adobe Photoshop CS4 Has Stopped Working

Earlier today I was about to write an article but was first going to prepare some images for that article when I attempted to launch Photoshop. During the launch of Adobe Photoshop CS4 on my Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit laptop the application crashed which I have seen before and simply restarting the application resolved the issue. This time when I attempted to restart Photoshop the exact same thing would happen each time. Below I describe the specific error message that displayed during the Photoshop crash and what I did to resolve the problem.

Technology Errors

Error: /usr/bin/ld: warning: i386 architecture of input file

I received the below error when attempting to run a script to finish installing a certain application. The application was being installed on a 64-bit CentOS Linux system and during the initial part of the install I had attempted to use 32-bit python which ended up causing a bunch of errors. After I believed that all of the errors were corrected I still received an i386 error message. Since I am not very familiar with Python setup scripts it took me a couple minutes to figure out what needed to be done.

Technology Insights

Install The EPEL Repository On CentOS Linux 5.X, EPEL Repo

Installing the EPEL repository on CentOS Linux is easy to do so the below is simply a reference point if needed by anyone. EPEL stands for Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux and is a community based repository that was created for add-on Fedora Linux packages. There are many cases where installation instructions assume that the EPEL repo is already installed so if you run into an error because of a missing package or dependency package the EPEL repository is a great place to start. Below I have listed the i386(32-bit) and x86_64(64-bit) EPEL repository package list links which will allow you to easily verify that the packages you need are available before installing the EPEL repository. After the EPEL repository package list links there are separate commands listed to install the EPEL repository on 32-bit CentOS Linux 5.X and to install the EPEL repository on 64-bit CentOS Linux 5.X.

Technology Errors

Outlook 2007: Cannot Turn Off The Reminder. You May Be Reminded Again.

I use Outlook 2007 to manage email and to schedule appointments or meeting requests. Recently Outlook crashed and required a scan of the PST file before it would operate properly again. All seemed to be working without issue and then one of my recurring meetings continued to alert me that it was time for the meeting which was incorrect. After dismissing the item it would continue to warn of the issue which lead me to believe that the recurring meeting entry had become corrupted. After poking around some more I was able to verify that the meeting was in fact corrupted and read about all sorts of various steps that could be taken to resolve the issue. After attempting many of those steps including the /cleanreminders switch the meeting still existed and was still corrupted. Below I describe the error in more detail and a simple way to resolve a corrupted recurring meeting entry in the Outlook 2007 calendar.