Technology Insights

Install Planet CCRMA Yum Repository On CentOS 5.X

Recently I was doing some testing with various audio settings on a CentOS Linux desktop and found out fairly quick that many of the packages I needed were not available. After some research I located a repository from Stanford’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics called Planet CCRMA which is pronounced karma. Below I describe how to install the CCRMA repo on CentOS Linux so you can use yum to install various audio RPM’s.

Technology Errors

Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting: Critical Error When Connecting To FTP Using FileZilla

Yesterday a friend contacted me about moving his site for Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting to another location. This typically can be challenging, regardless of web host, because of having to deal with someone else who has set this up and more than likely is not doing what they are supposed to be doing which is why the person wants to move the site in the first place. I was provided the Yahoo login information to the web and honestly had no idea how Yahoo Small Business has FTP set up. After logging in and searching around a bit I found the information I thought I needed and attempted to create an FTP user to login. After creating the FTP user I attempted to use the Yahoo FTP credentials in FileZilla to login but I continued to receive a “Critical Error” from the Yahoo FTP server. Below I describe the FTP error returned by Yahoo along with how I was able to work around the error.

Technology Insights

The AC Power Adapter Type Cannot Be Determined, Please Connect A Dell 90W AC Adapter

Last night I upgraded the BIOS on my Dell Studio XPS 13 from A11 to A14. The BIOS upgrade appeared to work without issue however when the computer rebooted with the new BIOS version I received a boot error and then once I skipped the error I received a popup message within Windows 7 as well. The problem ended up being something really silly which is explained below but I wanted to note in case someone else ran into the same issue.

Technology Insights

Clear Out Postfix Queue, Analyze Postfix Email Queue

Earlier today we had a minor issue on a development server that generated around 175,000 emails dumped into a Postfix queue in a short amount of time. I needed to first analyze the emails and second clear the Postfix queue. Below is information on how to learn more about the emails in the Postfix queue, what domain they are being sent to, and last but not least delete those emails from the queue if they are not needed.

Technology Insights

Windows 7 IDT Audio Jack, Allow Reconfiguration Pop-Ups

When I first got my Dell Studio XPS laptop I would get a popup asking for me to specify what was being inserted into the audio jack. At some point I must have reconfigured this and forgotten exactly how I did so though I did remember that it was something to do with reconfiguration pop-ups. After searching around I finally found where you can enable or disable the Audio Jack Reconfiguration Pop-Ups on Windows 7. Follow the directions below to enable the reconfiguration popup on Windows 7 with the IDT software installed.