Technology Insights

Import Outlook Express .DBX Files Into Windows 7 Windows Live Mail

I had a client over the weekend that had a computer crash which required a new computer to be configured and old data imported. The old computer was Windows XP and the new computer was Windows 7 so one of the things to import was Outlook Express email into the new Windows 7 Windows Live Mail. The directions below will assist in importing the Outlook Express .DBX files into Windows Live Mail.

Technology Errors

Google Spreadsheets: You can’t access this spreadsheet because it is in violation of our Terms of service

About 30 minutes ago we started having trouble accessing Google Spreadsheets that were located on Google Docs. The error displayed stated that the issue was related to something in the spreadsheet violating the Google Terms of Service but the same content has been in the document for some time. Below is an image of what the error from Google states when attempting to access the document.

Technology Insights

PostgreSQL: PSQL Select Distinct Output * To Generate New Table

Earlier this evening I ran into a unique issue where a PostgreSQL table had been created with no primary key this allowing duplicate rows to exist in the database table. You are unable to delete such rows in a SQL table because there is no primary key. After not being able to delete the rows via the PSQL CLI I opened pgAdmin III to see if I could delete the rows using the GUI interface provided by pgAdmin III however the delete was grey in the menu as shown in the below image.