belkin wemo light bulbs and wemo switch

WEMO Application Not Detecting LED Bulbs

When I first purchased the Belkin LED Lighting Starter Kit I didn’t have any issues getting the two A19 LED bulbs working with the Belkin WEMO Link Controller. I recently moved and had all sorts of problems getting the WEMO iPhone application to not only configure the WEMO Link Controller but once configured I could not figure out how to get the WEMO iPhone application to see either of the A19 LED bulbs. If I had known the proper steps to reset everything it would have been a snap so I wanted to share resetting everything back to factory defaults including the WEMO Link Controller and the WEMO A19 LED Bulbs. Follow the steps below to set all of the WEMO devices back┬áto factory default and configure the WEMO iPhone application from scratch.

TokuDB MySQL Google Cloud

TokuDB Google Cloud Install: Starting MySQL… ERROR! The server quit without updating PID file

I am fairly new to TokuDB but so far I am impressed with the compression it provides to the data stored within. One of my clients has a ton of data that is constantly growing and thus TokuDB made a lot of sense for the solution that was created. While becoming more familiar with TokuDB and trying different cloud solutions I ran into a minor issue installing TokuDB on a Google Cloud VM instance but explain how to resolve easily below.

How to Configure NVFax on FreePBX

Earlier I received a call from a client wanting to know if their VoIP solution would allow them to receive fax calls that would convert a fax to email. After looking at their system the solution was fairly easy since they are running Asterisk with a FreePBX front-end. There are two options with FreePBX when setting up incoming fax lines which include NVFax or Zaptel. Having used both solutions in the past the NVFax option has always worked without issue and that is typically my default selection unless there are extra requirements. Follow the directions below to configure a Asterisk FreePBX DID for fax to email conversion.

TextMate Find & Replace Using Regular Expressions

While working on a new section of the web site that will include articles related to Kali Linux I was creating a menu system that would be similar to the Kali Linux menu system. Once the menu was completed with the necessary content and was visually what I was looking for I needed to go back and make some enhancements for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The goal was to add a HTML title tag where a HTML alt tag already existed and I knew this shouldn’t be to hard to accomplish using regular expressions via TextMate’s find and replace function. Below I describe the issue in more detail along with the regular expression syntax that can be used to accomplish this in the TextMate find and replace window. Please make sure to backup all files you are going to modify before beginning so you can always rollback if need be.

CentOS Remove Old Kernels

Tonight when upgrading a CentOS Linux server it was noted by YUM that 15MB more disk space was needed to upgrade grub and the kernel itself. Below are four quick steps to verify what kernels are installed, install yum-utils if it is not installed already, delete previous kernels and set YUM to remove old kernels…