Technology Errors

Error Compiling pwntcha On Backtrack Linux – image.c:28:5: error: #error No imaging library

While troubleshooting some issues with pwntcha which is installed by default on Backtrack Linux version 5 R3 I received some errors compiling pwntcha from source. The Imlib2 development files need to be installed before compiling pwntcha from source on Backtrack Linux 5 R3 or Ubuntu 10.04. Below I provide the output from the pwntcha compile errors as well as show the install command for the package that needs to be installed before pwntcha will compile without errors.

Information Security

genlist – Backtrack – Miscellaneous – Miscellaneous Network – genlist

Clicking on the genlist menu item in Backtrack Linux opens a terminal window and outputs the genlist help menu at the top. Genlist is a Perl script written to provide an easy way to generate a list of live hosts on a network or set of networks so you can then begin analyzing those hosts. All the genlist Perl script does is call nmap with the -sP switch and parse the results so only the live IP addresses are output and as simple as it seems its a handy little tool if you do penetration testing on a regular basis. Below we describe genlist in more detail and show an example of genlist in action.