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How To Stop Time Machine From Backing Up Every Hour

Time Machine is really cool because it automates the task of backups since most of us forget to do this on a regular basis. The unfortunate part of Time Machine is the lack of control you have regarding when Time Machine backs up. By default the Time Machine application backs data up once an hour which in my scenario is a nightmare since its pretty much constantly copying data to my Time Capsule. Luckily there is an easy solution to schedule backups on a granular schedule called Time Machine Editor. Use the information below to stop Time Machine backups from happening once every hour.

Information Security

Backtrack 5 : Information Gathering : Web Application Analysis : CMS Identification : wpscan

One of my favorite apps in Backtrack Linux that I recently discovered is wpscan. There are a ton of WordPress sites in the wild and using wpscan is an excellent way to begin an audit on a WP site. There are a couple things that wpscan does that is really amazing such as enumerating logins from WordPress sites and enumerating WordPress plugins that are installed. Below are a couple examples of how wpscan can be useful for WordPress web site analysis.

Information Security

Backtrack 5 : Information Gathering : Network Analysis : Identify Live Hosts : pbnj

PBNJ is made ip of two commands which are scanpbnj and outputpbnj. The manpages for both scanpbnj and outputpbnj are located in collapsed tables at the bottom of this post in case you want more details. When you run scanpbnj it technically a script that runs nmap and dumps the results to a database. The scanpbnj command will store results in various database formats including CSV, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite. Once the results are stored you can pull the results from the database using outputpbnj which can output report style results in CSV format, tab delimited format, or HTML format. Continue reading below for more details regarding outputpbnj and scanpbnj on Backtrack Linux 5 r2.

Technology Errors

outputpbnj Error: Error in option spec: “test|=s”, Error in option spec: “debug|=s”

Earlier tonight while testing the functionality of pbnj including both scanpbnj and outputpbnj on Backtrack Linux I noticed an error with outputpbnj. It appears that during one of the last updates the developer accidentally let a small bug slip by but unfortunately it stops outputpbnj from working at all. The good news is the outputpbnj bug is really easy to fix by remove a couple characters from a single line of the code base. Follow the directions below to get outputpbnj working properly on Backtrack Linux 5 R2.