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Automatically Delete Imported Images From iPhone To A Mac Running OSX using Image Capture’s AutoImporter

I have a specific way I like to configure how my iPhone interacts with the computer I am using such as when I take pictures on my iPhone I like for those pictures to be imported automatically to the computer when the iPhone is plugged in via USB and after the images are imported I want them to be deleted from the iPhone until I organize them to be synced back to the iPhone at a later time. I also don’t want an application to open and stay open on the computer as I prefer that the import process happens in the background without having to close the application used to import the images. This was a bit of a pain to configure on my new Macbook as the application used to accomplish my goal is a bit hidden and doesn’t like to stay running for any amount of time. Use the information below to sync images form your iPhone to your Mac computer running OSX and for the images to be purged from the iPhone once they have been imported.