Technology Errors

mysqldump: Got error: 145: Table ‘./wordpress/bot_prli_clicks’ is marked as crashed and should be repaired when using LOCK TABLES

Earlier I was in the process of upgrading MySQL on a CentOS Linux server and ran into an error when I attempted to backup all of the MySQL databases. When issuing the mysqldump command I received an error 145 noting that one of the mysql database tables was marked as crashed and needed to be repaired. Below I have noted the error in more detail as well as how to repair any tables that are marked as crashed.

Technology Errors

GPG key retrieval failed: [Errno 5] OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: /etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-remi

Earlier while upgrading PHP to version 5.3.5 on a CentOS server I copied over the details of the remi repository from another server I had upgraded PHP on. Once I started the transaction all looked well until Yum needed to verify the remi repo RPM GPG key which I had not installed so an error was provided and Yum stopped the PHP upgrade process. You can get around the RPM GPG key error by simply using the –nogpgcheck switch however that is not the correct way to resolve the problem. You should instead install the RPM GPG key and the below example shows how to install the RPM GPG key for the remi repo.

Technology Errors

Postfix Error: cannot update mailbox /var/mail/user for user user. error writing message: File too large

Earlier while troubleshooting an error with PHP’s mail function I noticed an error in the maillog on a CentOS server. I know I have run into this error before and previously I fixed the issue by setting a larger size limit on the Postfix mailboxes. Below is information about the Postfix error in the maillog explaining mail cannot be delivered to a specific user because the mailbox has reached the maximum size allowed as configured in the Postfix file.

Technology Errors

WordPress Yet Another Related Posts Plugin Admin Page Blank, Call to undefined function yarpp_reinforce()

While upgrading the WordPress plugins today for a WordPress site I manage today I ran into an issue with the YARPP (Yet Another Related Posts Plugin). This WP plugin provides links to like articles on each of the posts of the site. You can cross reference various variables such as titles, content, tags, and categories. After upgrading the YARPP plugin this afternoon I noticed issues during testing when the YARPP configuration page would not display via the WordPress admin. Below is information on the error that was located in the PHP error logs, what was initially attempted to resolve the issue, and what did resolve the issue with the YARPP settings page.

Technology Insights

Control Roku From iPhone, Roku iPhone App DVPRemote

We recently purchased a Roku Digital Video Player at our office and have been experimenting with it. The Roku remote is very simple with minimal buttons which is nice in most scenarios but whenever you have to type anything into the Roku it is fairly annoying that there is not a keyboard available. To resolve that issue and require you to have one less remote on your coffee table it is worth checking out DVPRemote which is an iPhone application that lets you take full control of your Roku device. Below is more information regarding DVPRemote including some of the benefits of this iPhone application.