Technology Insights

Restart Paste Master without restarting Mac OS X

I use Paste Master as an advanced clipboard manager. It allows me to keep up to 90 items in my clipboard and also allows me to paste them unformatted so I don’t have to copy them to an ASCII text editor first. It would not come up one day and wanted to restart it without the OS (operating system). Under System Preferences, uncheck and check “Enable Paste Master” and that will restart it. Since it is a checkbox, it might appear to only take effect when the OS restart, but it takes immediate effect.

Information Security Hack: Google Search Results Redirect To Instead Of Correct Site

Late last night I realized that the traffic for was way down for the day and thought it was related to some recent updates I had performed on the site. I spent probably an hour or so last night verifying that nothing was out of the ordinary with the site and wasn’t able to find any issues. Upon waking up this morning the traffic again was extremely low for this time of the day even on a Saturday so we started to investigate. One of the referrers that traffic had dramatically decreased for was Google so we went to Google and performed a search that we knew would return a link to Sure enough upon clicking on the link to Google we hit the URL and then we were immediately redirected to Below we describe the issue in more detail, provide specifics about how our site was hacked, and provide the information needed to locate and resolve the problem.