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Convert .WMV Files Made From .WRF/.ARF WebEx Presentations To MP4 To Sync To iTunes

We previously published an article on how to convert .WRF and .ARF files generated from WebEx presentations to .WMV format to be viewed without requiring the WebEx Player. Since many people have iPhone’s, iPod Touch’s, and use Mac’s running OSX it makes sense to follow up on that article and show how to take the .WMV files to .MP4 format so it can be synced to your iPhone or iPod Touch or simply played in QuickTime on your Macintosh computer. Follow the directions below to convert the WMV file, which was generated from a WRF/ARF file in this article, to MP4 format.

Information Security

CentOS Linux: pyrit: UserWarning: Failed to compile BPF-filter

Pyrit was recently upgraded on a server that I use and when I logged in to run it manually from the CLI I noticed an error. The error, which is explained in more detail below, complains that the libpcap is to old. The server that this pyrit installation is installed on is CentOS 5.4. CentOS 5.X only provides libpcap version 0.9.4-14 as the latest available libpcap version in the yum repositories. At first I searched for a newer libpcap in third party repos though I was unsuccessful so I upgraded libpcap using the source. Below is more information regarding the error and how it was resolved.