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Install Canfield Imaging Systems Mirror Software On Windows XP

A medical research company that I do some work for called me the other day to install a software package on one of their Windows XP computers called Mirror. The Mirror software suite was created by Canfield Imaging Systems which is a medical imaging software company. Typically the patented Mirror software suite isĀ used by aesthetic surgeons to show prospective patients a simulation of their potential appearance as noted on the Canfield web site. In this case my client typically uses a software package called VISIA which is also developed by Canfield Imaging Systems but doesn’t provide the easiest way to manage images outside of the software. In these studies dozens of pictures are taken of various angles of a patients face and VISIA will only allow you to export one image at a time as a JPG file or you can export the entire client as a .DIX file which I was only able to open with VISIA itself. Mirror allows you to manage the medical images in a much easier format including exporting numerous JPG’s at the same time. Below I describe how to install Mirror on Windows XP.