Technology Errors

Canfield Imaging Systems Mirror Software: License Server Error – err: 81F4000F

A medical research company that is a client of mine asked if I would come by to install some software for them the other day. The software was supposed to be an addition to Canfield Imaging Systems VISIA software package called Mirror. The Mirror software was going to provide my client a way to manage the images created from within VISIA in a much more efficient and standard way. Currently they are able to export images either one at a time or as a bundle in a non standard file format which makes them fairly useless unless you are importing into another VISIA system. Anyhow during the software install I was unable to launch Mirror after the initial install because of a licensing server issue which I describe below along with how I was able to resolve the problem short term and what needs to happen long term to make the two software packages interact together.