Technology Errors

PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 7680 bytes)

I recently reinstalled CentOS on a server for a client and then proceeded to install their WordPress web site on the fresh install of CentOS Linux. After working through various minor issues the WP site was up and functioning without issue but after a week or so they contacted me to let me know that they could no longer view items in their FAQ system via the WordPress administration site. The FAQ system is a WordPress plugin called FAQ Builder and is a great little system for frequently asked questions. Below I describe the error received when attempting to access the FAQ Builder admin and what I did to resolve the issue.

Technology Insights

Manually Remove Antivirus Soft Virus from a Windows Computer

I had a virus on a machine in the shop today which is very similar to a few previous virus’s we wrote about called personal security and XP Antispyware. The removal process is pretty similar but I decided to write a new post detailing its removal. This virus gives a fake “windows” security alert and then suggests you run or download a product called Antivirus Soft. Of course the program is fake and they will steal your bank credentials and do all sorts of other nasty things to you if you decide to buy it. The interesting thing about this program is its always called some thing different so its a little tough to track down. Below I will outline what my particular virus was called and how I got rid of it , however chances are yours may be named something else so you may have to do a little trial and error with the task manager to figure it out.

Technology Insights

WordPress: Unable To Upload To The Media Library After Moving Servers

I recently moved a WordPress site from one location on a server to another location on the same server for a client. Everything seemed to work fine after following the directions in this article I had previously published. That article was specifically published for changing the domain that points to the WordPress site which could include simply changing the domain only or actually moving the site to a new server or new location on the same server and a new domain. If you are performing the second of those two options you may also need to update the “upload_path” depending on the configuration of the new server and if the paths are the same as they were on the initial server the WordPress site was installed on.