Technology Insights

Download Youtube Videos Using Firefox Add-On Called 1-Click Youtube Video Download

Someone at work asked me today if I could download a Youtube video for them so they could burn it to DVD for some project. I remembered being able to do this with a Firefox plugin but had forgotten which plugin I previously used. After a quick search I came up with the 1-Click Youtube Video Download Firefox plugin which made the task really easy. Follow the directions below to download Youtube videos.

Technology Errors

rubygems.rb:578:in report_activate_error: RubyGem version error: rspec(1.1.11 not = 1.2.4) (Gem::LoadError)

Earlier when attempting to use request-log-analyzer on a new server I had just installed it on I got the error stated below. There are numerous updates to the gems I was using to fulfill all of the requirements of the request-log-analyzer gem. I went through and updated many of the gems until I ran into an issue with the hoe gem that required an update to rubygems. Once I upgraded rubygems everything worked properly without throwing any errors. I probably could have simply updated rubygems and things would have worked fine without upgrading all of the other gems it was complaining about.