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Watch Your Home TV Set On Your iPhone From Any Wireless Network Connection

Many people may not be aware of a company called Sling Media that makes devices that connect to your DirecTV, cable, or other satellite providers receiver so you can watch your own television from any Internet connection. The product that makes this possible is Sling Box and it connects in between the output of your cable or satellite receivers output and your televisions input. Then it connects to the network at your house via a switch, wireless router, or the like and provides instructions on how to view remotely from any computer and many mobile devices. There is an application available from the iTunes store that will allow you to connect to the Sling Box at your home via your iPhone so you can watch your home television from your iPhone. This includes watching shows that have been recorded on your DVR, etc.

Technology Insights

iPhone Digital Camera Driver Issue, iPhone Not Showing Up Under My Computer

I typically transfer images from my iPhone to my Windows XP computer by clicking on My Computer, clicking on the Apple iPhone icon, and then transferring the images to another folder on the computer. Today I plugged in the iPhone via USB to my Windows XP laptop and I was surprised to see that the iPhone Camera was not showing as a drive after clicking on My Computer. To verify I hadn’t made a configuration change on accident that was causing this to not show up I verified that the computer was not seeing the iPhone’s camera by opening up Control Panel and clicking on Scanners and Cameras.

**UPDATE: The first solution is what worked for me but there have been some comments confirming that the below will not solve everyones issue. Another solution to try is to delete any images you have saved to the Camera Roll from email. It appears in some situations if images are saved from emails that it is causing issues with the digital camera driver and you will be unable to retrieve images from the iPhone if you have saved images you received via email. I attempted to duplicate the issue with emailed gif’s and emailed jpg’s but I was unable to though I am sure this issue exists for others as it has already been confirmed at least twice in the comments below.