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How Much Do Internationl Text Messages Cost From iPhone On ATT Wireless

I have been doing some business with people overseas and sometimes we communicate via text message so I needed to verify how much it cost to send text messages from my iPhone on ATT Wireless’s network to cell phones overseas. In my specific case I wanted to verify sending text messages from the United States to London, England or the United Kigdom. After looking around a bit I found that only certain countries are supported and it costs $0.25 per text message. Below I have listed some more resources and information on picture messaging.

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Shell Script To Configure A Read Only User On A PostgreSQL Database

**UPDATE: New article here.

Its a little more complicated to create a read only database user with PostgreSQL than say using something like MySQL. You will need to grant select access on each table in the database for the read only user. Keep in mind that each time you add a new table you will need to either run the shell script below again or manually grant select access on the new table for the read only user.