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Modify a Users Path in Windows Vista: Vista Path Environment Variable

Modifying a users PATH variable in Windows Vista is easy. You may want to modify the PATH for a user if you have an executable located in a directory that is not already in the default Path. One example of this is if you install cygwin to have Unix/Linux style commands on Windows you would want to add C:\cygwin\bin to your user Path variable.

Follow the directions below to modify the user Path system variable:

Technology Insights

How to Create Keyboard Shortcuts For Adobe Photoshop CS4

Typically there will be certain things you use Adobe Photoshop for on a regular basis and you can make your life much easier by assigning keyboard shortcuts to the tasks you perform the most. Follow the directions below to assign a keyboard shortcut to Adobe Photoshop CS4.

In the example below we will assign Ctrl-Alt-b to be a shortcut to add a “Lens Blur” filter to a highlighted portion of an image.