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Easily Add a Site to Using Yahoo Search Enhancements

You can easily add reviews to sites on by using a Yahoo Search Enhancement. I had never really used Yahoo Search Enhancements but they are pretty cool and I will be using more of them in the future. They are almost like Google Gadgets specifically related to web searches. Using Yahoo Search Enhancements does not require the installation of any software. The StumbleUpon search enhancement will provide the number of reviews, links to those reviews, a link to review the site, and a link to thumbs up the site. Use the directions below to install the Yahoo Search Enhancement and review a web site on

  1. Open Yahoo Search: Visit in a browser.

Technology Insights

SplashID: Unable to Sync Because iPhone Shows No Desktop found…

I decided to finally make the jump to some sort of information manager after a talk I had with someone at work today. When working for so many companies , managing so many devices, and being a member of so many web communities it is almost impossible to remember login information, IP information, and random other notes about every installation, web site, etc. I started looking for a solution where I could at least store devices, I could access this information from anywhere (at least on my Touch), and it was secure. I was pleasantly surprised by SplashID which will allow you to store all sorts of information in all sorts of ways. The best part is that when it boils down to it this information is going to be more secure in a solution like SplashID, which uses encryption that tops banks, versus being spread through out various notepads, documents, emails, and other places on numerous computers and possibly even on paper.