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Backup and Restore a Postgres Database Using pg_dump and psql

Backing up and restoring a postgreSQL database is easy from the CLI. Some people prefer using pgAdmin III however through the GUI and over a network will use a lot more resources so it is recommended to backup and restore via your Linux CLI. Follow the simple steps below to backup and restore one Postgres database from a Linux server to another Linux server.

  1. Backup One PostgreSQL Database: Login to your server and issue the below command from the CLI. In the below syntax change username to the correct username (such as postgres), the database_name to the proper database, and the filename to something meaningful. The filename should end in .sql so you know it is a postgreSQL backup file which will eventually end in .gz once you compress it using gzip.

Technology Insights

Can I delete MEMORY.DMP and How To Minimize MEMORY.DMP Size

The MEMORY.DMP file is a debug file that is generated by a system crash of some sort on Windows XP. The size of this file by default can be over 2GB and is typically never used by the average user. If you continue to have system crashes and want to really look into the issue than the MEMORY.DMP file could be very useful. By default this file is located in the “C:\WINDOWS” directory but the location of the dump can be modified along with what is actually output in the system dump.

So can the MEMORY.DMP file be deleted? The short answer is yes it can be deleted however every time there is a system crash the file will be recreated unless you follow the steps below. If you do continue to have system crashes though the file could definitely come in handy when troubleshooting the issue.

Technology Errors

Error copying file from packed archive C:/postgresql-8.3.5-2-windows.exe to C:/Program Files/PostgreSQL/8.3/bin/comerr32.dll

When attempting to upgrade PostgreSQL on Windows XP using the One-Click installer provided by EnterpriseDB I received the below error.

Error copying file from packed archive C:/downloads/postgresql-8.3.5-2-windows.exe to C:/Program Files/PostgreSQL/8.3/bin/comerr32.dll

After receiving this error I aborted the upgrade at which time Windows popped up the below error.

Technology Insights

Tips for Replacing Memory on Macbook1

Below are a couple tips for replacing memory on a Macbook (1.1) laptop. Make sure to purchase the proper memory as noted below and always handle the Macbook and RAM carefully.

  1. Purchase Correct Memory: I upgraded this Macbook from 512MB of RAM to 2GB of RAM. It uses PC5300 DDR2 667 MHz so-dimm memory.
  2. Carefully Remove: Follow the instructions from the below manual to remove the memory.