Technology Errors

Canon ImageRunner Error Code Reset

These are the steps to resetting error codes on the iR5570/iR6570 and other ImageRunner printers. This also refers to eCopy, so follow the additional steps if you have the eCopy setup. The most common errors that I get are from power outages, sometimes after an outage the printer will not reboot correctly and will be…

Technology Insights

Database Scaling Terminology

Some quick explanations on designing scalable databases (thanks to Jon Sime of the PostgreSQL mailing list and Media Matters for America) Horizontal vs Vertical scaling Horizontal scaling is merely a general concept which, in its simplest form, means “adding more nodes” as opposed to vertical scaling which (very roughly) means making an individual node as…

Technology Insights

Rails Log Analyzers

Here are the ones I tried. Hope the comments aren’t too confusing Simple Rails Log Query Analyzer Ran ruby bin/query_log_analyzer.rb ../log/production.log production.log.1 (small log file ~25MB) Just printed the “Totals” heading with no results production.log (large log file ~400MB) Ran for a long time and nothing happened