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Linux CLI FTP Over Explicit TLS SSL

Use lftp for Linux command line FTP with explicit TLS/SSL. I was still having trouble though with lftp and implicit TLS/SSL. Below is the command to use lftp to connect to an FTP server that requires an explicit¬†TLS/SSL. Command: lftp -du user,password ¬† You should see the below after connecting. Type ls to see…

Technology Insights

Add Google Adsense Ads to WP-PDA WordPress Plugin

It is fairly easy to add Google Adsense ads to the WP-PDA plugin for WordPress. If you follow the easy steps below you will have Google ads showing up in no time with WP-PDA. You will be required to edit the source code for the WP-PDA WordPress plugin so make sure to back things up before you start. One thing to note is the fact that you can only have one Google Mobile Adsense ad at a time currently.

Adding Google Adsense Ads for WP-PDA iPhone/Touch Browsers:

  1. Backup Files: Backup any file before you attempt to modify it.
  2. Create Google Adsense for Mobile: Visit this link and follow the instructions to create the Google Adsense ad for your mobile content. Be sure to specify PHP for the last step.