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Recently I was doing some work in a hospital and my cell phone would not quit rebooting. The phone is a BlackBerry 8320 Curve provided by T-Mobile. At first I could not figure it out but I figured it must be something with the environment. Finally I noticed from my laptop that there was a linksys SSID being broadcast and previously my phone had connected to a linksys SSID at a clients office. The difference here was the fact that the linksys SSID being broadcast belonged to a wireless N router instead of the previous one that was only a G router.

To resolve the issue I turned wireless off on the Blackberry by visiting the home screen, clicking on the Manage Connections icon, and removing the check by Wi-Fi. My phone did not reboot again once wireless was turned off. Just remember once you leave the location that is causing you the problem to turn wireless (Wi-Fi) back on.

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The Blackberry Curve 8320 has a built in WiFi card that can connect to T-Mobile HotSpot locations as well as any other wireless networks that you configure on the device. The authentication methods that are supported by this device as noted by T-Mobile’s support web site are listed below. Most home based wireless networks that have authentication configured use WEP, WPA, or WPA2 so you should not have any issues connecting with your Blackberry Curve 8320.
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