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This post will explain how to post notes from Microsoft OneNote into the WordPress admin. When you copy and paste from most Microsoft products into a visual editor such as TinyMCE that WordPress uses you will typically include a bunch of unwanted tags from the Microsoft application. These tags will make it complicated to format correctly and can even spill over outside of your post and cause issues with your entire WordPress page. The method to input this data into WordPress will work with any of the Microsoft products such as Microsoft OneNote and Microsoft Word.

Below is an example of some basic formatted text copied directly from MS OneNote and pasted into WordPress’s visual editor.

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This issue came up the other day when explaining to someone how to format articles properly so they are uniform. The WordPress installation I am talking about has the TinyMCE plugin installed which basically takes the default visual editor tool bar and expands it by allowing you to add a lot more options. They wanted to format some of the text with a different font so my answer was to highlight the text and pick a different font from the “Font family” drop down. I was told the option did not exist in his interface but right in front of me I could see the drop down. I was however using Internet Explorer and he was using FireFox so I loaded up FireFox and sure enough I did not see the option.

In the visual editor for WordPress there is an option called “Kitchen Sink” which basically toggles either having only a few options versus having all of the available options. To see all the options available in the visual editor of WordPress you need to click the Kitchen Sink button which will toggle showing all of the options or minimal amount of options. The Kitchen Sink is right next to the smiley face in the Visual Editor.

So to resolve the issue with not all of the options showing in TinyMCE click on the Kitchen Sink button. To install more options in the visual editor of WordPress install the TinyMCE Advanced plugin located here.

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