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This is a mini how to that shows how to edit svn:externals from a UNIX shell or from TortoiseSVN on Windows. Follow the simple directions below to modify the svn:externals and commit to your SVN repository. I performed the below two sets of steps on CentOS 5.2 for the Linux steps and on Windows XP Service Pack 3 for the Windows steps.

svn:externals from UNIX/Linux shell

  1. Set SVN_EDITOR: First you will need to set the SVN_EDITOR to your favorite UNIX/Linux editor. I perfer vi so following this exact will open the svn:externals in the vi editor. If you want to use a different editory simply change /bin/vi to the path of your favorite editor.
  2. [root@server ~]$ SVN_EDITOR='"/bin/vi"'
    [root@server ~]$ export SVN_EDITOR

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