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The issue of documents being stuck in the Windows print queue has a similar solution as an article I wrote a couple days ago regarding deleting Windows Printer Ports. If you are an Information Technology administrator for Windows computers you have definitely seen at one time or another documents stuck in someones print queue. You can pause the document and then delete it most of the time however in certain scenarios the document will stay in queue until you reboot. Instead of rebooting I offer another solution below to remove documents stuck in the Windows printer queue.

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I recently had some issues with my printer not working on my home network and during the troubleshooting process I wanted to remove the printer port so I could reinstall the printer all together. The issues ended up being stupidity on my part for adding a temporary device on my network that had the same IP address of the printer so I was able to easily get that resolved once I figured it out by checking the MAC address associated to the IP in question using ARP. I did want to share how I was able to forcefully remove the printer port in Windows 7. These instructions will not only work for Windows 7 but will also work for other Windows versions including Windows Vista and Windows XP. Follow the instructions below to forcefully remove a printer port.

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