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Rooting the HTC Evo 4g – Part 4 (Unlocking Nand Protection)

First of I would like to say that none of these hacks and files are my own work. This stuff was done by all the amazing phone developers over at XDA Developers. I am am simply writing a few posts on rooting the HTC Evo since most of the information was all spread out over the forums and I had a hard time gathering it all together in a organized manner.

NOTE: Please make sure you have completed parts 1,2 & 3 of this tutorial series before attempting this part.

Technology Insights

Adjust Hybrid SLI Settings Under Power Options on Windows 7

I was working on my new laptop and have been having some crashes. After analyzing some of the dump files I determined that I was having some video driver issues. When I first got the laptop I remember setting the hybrid sli mode to high performance.  After deciding I should probably switch this setting back to the default mode I was not able to find the option to switch it back. I couldn’t remember how I set it in the first place so I did a little googling and it told me there should be a GPU section under the advanced section of power settings.

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Broken iPod Touch Home Button Work Around Using SBSettings Close Button Widget

Once you jailbreak your iPhone or iPod Touch there are tons of benefits available to you in the form of innovative applications that are not locked down by Apple. One of my iPod Touch’s is pretty beat up and no longer under warranty so I use it to test all sorts of things including being the first device I ever installed Cydia and Icy on. Anyhow the Touch device actually has a semi busted LCD screen, a broken power button, and a broken home button. On a iPhone running default firmware you would be pretty much out of luck if the home button or power button was not working but once the device is jailbroken then you can get around all of these issues easily.

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Unbrick a iPod Touch 2G (Second Generation) That Appears to Not Work Or Appears Bricked

I recently got into some trouble while playing around with my iPod Touch 2G in which I thought the device was bricked. It was not recognized when plugged into the USB port on a Windows XP computer and it appeared no matter what I did it was not able to power on. When restoring some firmware onto the iPod Touch 2G the device never came back from a reboot. Even worse yet was the fact that the power button was not fully operational so I was never sure if I was actually getting the correct button press to put the device into DFU mode. Below are some tips that could assist you to recover the device from this step.

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Restore iPhone after power loss during “Erase All Contents and Settings”

I decided to erase the contents of my iPhone by going to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Contents and Settings. Unfortunately, my power cable was loose and it lost power in the middle of the erasing. After that, I tried hard resetting (holding down Home button and pressing the power key for 10 seconds), but it would only display the Apple logo, followed by a black screen. This happened repeatedly when I tried powering it on multiple times and hard resetting multiple times.

So, I called iPhone tech support and they suggested that I hold down the power button and plug it in to the USB so that iTunes could restore the iPhone. That forced me to upgrade to 3.1 software, but did indeed restore my iPhone. The iPhone was back to its factory default state and upgraded to 3.1