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I started an install of Gentoo Linux this morning on a desktop at my house so I could test some browser stuff that purehate was seeing via his Gentoo laptop. I don’t think I have ever installed Gentoo but its possible a couple years back I installed it in the same scenario. Anyway I decided to download the x86 minimal install CD for the installation. After it was burned to CD I booted my desktop up and started the install. Once it was booted I configured the network interface, which in this case was eth0, and was able to test without issue to the Internet using ping. I proceeded with the installation including writing the partition table, creating the file system, and mounting my drives. The next step involved using links to open a URL to select a mirror and to my surprise it failed. Below I go into detail about the problem I ran into and the steps I took to resolve the issue. 

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Recently I was assisting a company set up a new network. This particular company had multiple drops connected to different routers and each server had at least two Network Interface Cards(NICs). The servers were CentOS version 5.2 and seemed to be having trouble routing out one network or the other depending on how the default route was set. I have set this up multiple times in the past and never had an issue though it has been a couple years since I configured this successfully. A colleague at the company I was working with found an article which you can read by clicking here. The article describes how to create more complex routing scenarios that create default routes per network interface (in this case eth0 and eth1) to fire off when the server reboots. The article was not the easiest to find in the manner we were looking for it so i wanted to provide a more convenient means to locate this article.

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