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I’ve been using Firefox add-ons for years now and now dwindled down to the ones I used most often:

  • ColorZilla (grab color from any web site)
  • Ctrl-Tab (thumbnails of all open tabs – kinda slow when you have a bunch of tabs open)
  • Drag & (very convenient file sharing)
  • Firebug (makes CSS infinitely easier to work with)
  • GMail Manager (quickly switch between Gmail accounts without authenticating every time)
  • HTTPFox (makes debugging HTTP request/response cycles easy)
  • GooglePreview (thumbnail previews of Google results)
  • Screen grab! (can grab entire web page, visible area, or just a portion)
  • StumbleUpon (tons of interesting sites based on your interests, a nice break from work when i need a few minutes)
  • Web Developer (complements Firebug very well – though not using it much for anything at the moment)
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I have been playing around with Tiltview for the past couple of days which is an addition to a WordPress plugin called NextGen FlashViewer. Let me start by saying that even though I had a couple problems when starting out the combination of NextGen Gallery, NextGen Flashviewer, and Tiltview is one of the coolest combinations I have seen. It actually is fairly easy to get going and surprisingly when configured properly is not a huge CPU and memory hog. If you have configuration errors as mentioned below it can clearly be a PC resource monster. You definitely can see it taking up some memory but most client PC’s have plenty to handle Tiltview style applications these days. If you have something configured incorrectly as I mention below it wil easily crash browsers and possibly lock up the entire PC. My 1.8 GHz Windows XP laptop with 2GB of RAM was on its knees begging for mercy during troubleshooting the issues I explain below.

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