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I followed the instructions to Google Sync with my iPhone, but the iPhone would do nothing even when I opened Contacts or Calendar on the iPhone. The issue was that the Google account was on Google Apps and not a regular Google account.

Turn on ActiveSync on Google apps with these instructions. Also see the below screenshot.


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Google’s Gmail has a handy little interface to import and export contacts in CSV format which will allow for easy synchronization between Outlook’s contacts and Gmail’s contacts without having to install some third party software. Most people will typically be making the switch to use more Outlook thus needing to import contacts into Gmail from Outlook so below the first set of instructions explains how to do so. The second set of instructions will explain how to export from Google in Outlook CSV format and then import back into Outlook. Both import functions provide a merge so duplicates can be kept to a minimum or really even zero duplicates.

First lets look at how to export Outlook contacts to a CSV file and then import that CSV file into Gmail.

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