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Remember The Milk ( has some very powerful features including Locations, tags, Smart Lists, offline support, and advanced searching. I often share tasks with friends, but sharing does have limitations. The following fields are not updated to the person you share with when you make a change:

  1. List (eg. Personal, Work)
  2. Location (eg. 1455 Grand Ave)
  3. Priority (eg 1,2,3)

However, other fields such as tags, due date, title, and Notes are updated in real time to the other person when you make a change.

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Its fairly easy to merge Microsoft Excel fields together but you have to be aware of formulas and then with how to pull that data out of the formula to save it on its own. I used this to merge title, first name, and last name together. Follow the directions below and you should have no problems merging Excel fields together.

1. New Column: Add the below formula to a new column.

=CONCATENATE(A1,” “,B1,” “,C1)

Microsoft Excel Formula for Merge

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