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A client of mine purchased a new laptop running Windows 7 64-Bit OS and needed to have the Panasonic DP-2330 printer they have at his office installed for use. Panasonic has only released beta Windows 7 64-Bit and Windows 7 32-Bit drivers for the Panasonic DP-2330 printer. Even though the drivers are beta they are working without issue after install. Follow the directions below to download the drivers and install them on your Windows 7 computer.

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I just had a customer come back into my store with a laptop which I had replaced the hard drive and reinstalled windows XP on. He was complaining that there was no sound. When I first repaired the laptop,I did the usual by going to Gateways web site and downloading all the drivers that Gateway said I need for this computer.

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I started an install of Gentoo Linux this morning on a desktop at my house so I could test some browser stuff that purehate was seeing via his Gentoo laptop. I don’t think I have ever installed Gentoo but its possible a couple years back I installed it in the same scenario. Anyway I decided to download the x86 minimal install CD for the installation. After it was burned to CD I booted my desktop up and started the install. Once it was booted I configured the network interface, which in this case was eth0, and was able to test without issue to the Internet using ping. I proceeded with the installation including writing the partition table, creating the file system, and mounting my drives. The next step involved using links to open a URL to select a mirror and to my surprise it failed. Below I go into detail about the problem I ran into and the steps I took to resolve the issue. 

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I typically transfer images from my iPhone to my Windows XP computer by clicking on My Computer, clicking on the Apple iPhone icon, and then transferring the images to another folder on the computer. Today I plugged in the iPhone via USB to my Windows XP laptop and I was surprised to see that the iPhone Camera was not showing as a drive after clicking on My Computer. To verify I hadn’t made a configuration change on accident that was causing this to not show up I verified that the computer was not seeing the iPhone’s camera by opening up Control Panel and clicking on Scanners and Cameras.

**UPDATE: The first solution is what worked for me but there have been some comments confirming that the below will not solve everyones issue. Another solution to try is to delete any images you have saved to the Camera Roll from email. It appears in some situations if images are saved from emails that it is causing issues with the digital camera driver and you will be unable to retrieve images from the iPhone if you have saved images you received via email. I attempted to duplicate the issue with emailed gif’s and emailed jpg’s but I was unable to though I am sure this issue exists for others as it has already been confirmed at least twice in the comments below.  

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I was upgrading the video driver for the graphics card in my Dell D420 laptop and ran into the below errors numerous times. The driver that was being upgraded was the Mobile Intel 945GM Express Chipset Family which is the driver for the onboard video controller in the Dell Latitude D420.

Error: “The class installer has denied the request to install or upgrade this device”

The Microsoft Class Installer is what provides the foundation for custom installers. I realized that during one of the reboots during the process I had made some changes to the BIOS settings. These changes were related to USB stuff and what happened is the system was reinstalling a bunch of USB drivers and because the system was reinstalling drivers I was unable to complete the install process of the Intel 945GM Chipset driver. So during the install of the USB drivers there was a lock on any other driver installations taking place.

So once the other USB driver installations were finished I rebooted an attempted to install the graphics driver again. This time I was able to get right through the installation without issue as shown in the image below.

Intel 945GM Chipset Driver Installation

So if you are receiving an error related to the Class Installer I would suggest double checking to see if there might be another driver being installed. Make sure to reboot and then try the driver installation again. I did see a lot of people on the Internet talking about Class Installers for all in one printers and other devices with numerous drivers needing to be installed. I would assume these issues were occurring because so many drivers needed to be installed the actual drivers were stepping on themselves and not being patient when installing such a device could make the problem worse than it really is.

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