Its fairly easy to merge Microsoft Excel fields together but you have to be aware of formulas and then with how to pull that data out of the formula to save it on its own. I used this to merge title, first name, and last name together. Follow the directions below and you should have no problems merging Excel fields together.

1. New Column: Add the below formula to a new column.

=CONCATENATE(A1,” “,B1,” “,C1)

Microsoft Excel Formula for Merge

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Use lftp for Linux command line FTP with explicit TLS/SSL. I was still having trouble though with lftp and implicit TLS/SSL. Below is the command to use lftp to connect to an FTP server that requires an explicit TLS/SSL.

lftp -du user,password


You should see the below after connecting. Type ls to see if you get a directory listing and everything has worked.
lftp> ls

Thats pretty much it. I will post in the future about lftp and implicit TLS/SSL connections.

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There are a bunch of WordPress plugins that claim to make your blog mobile friendly but after looking through a couple of them the WP-PDA plugin is the best. This plugin support multiple themes such as an iPhone theme and a PDA theme. The cool thing about this is the iPhone and Touch display things completely different than the typical PDA browser so this makes it easy to modify content specified on these two main mobile groups. You can download WP-PDA here. Trust me when I say that iPhone and PDA users that read your blog will appreciate this plugin.

In the admin of WP-PDA you can specify what browsers will use the mobile theme easily. Just visit the plugins link on the top right and you will see a link near plugin editor that is titled PDA. Just update the list and click submit for changes to take affect.

One thing to note is you will need to add your Google Analytics code to the footer of the iphone-theme and the pda-theme for those users to be tracked by Google Analytics. I have also posted an article relating to mobile Adsense ads with this theme so if you want ads check out this link.

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It is fairly easy to add Google Adsense ads to the WP-PDA plugin for WordPress. If you follow the easy steps below you will have Google ads showing up in no time with WP-PDA. You will be required to edit the source code for the WP-PDA WordPress plugin so make sure to back things up before you start. One thing to note is the fact that you can only have one Google Mobile Adsense ad at a time currently.

Adding Google Adsense Ads for WP-PDA iPhone/Touch Browsers:

  1. Backup Files: Backup any file before you attempt to modify it.
  2. Create Google Adsense for Mobile: Visit this link and follow the instructions to create the Google Adsense ad for your mobile content. Be sure to specify PHP for the last step.
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I had to rebuild a few of these notebooks over the past few weeks and from my experience tearing down a notebook, especially an ultracompact notebook, can sometimes be a pain. I came across this site in my research and found some very detailed teardown guides, complete with technical diagrams. This should be a help to anyone rebuilding any of the Vaio notebooks listed.

Good luck!

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