The contributers to are all available for consulting. If you are interested in services from an of these contributers please use the contact form to contact us. Some of the consulting services we provide are below.

Technical Project Management:
Contributers to Question Defense have years of technical project management experience. We have the resources available to accomplish small projects all the way to seven figure technical projects that need extra resources to drive the project.

Network Design/Implementation/Management:
Contributers to Question Defense are experts in network design and implementation. Collectively we have configured networks ranging from a couple servers to networks with thousands of servers deployed in multiple geopgrahic locations.

System Administration:
Contributers to Question Defense have managed almost every type of system imaginable including Linux, Unix, and Windows. Contracts can be purchased on a per server basis or on entire networks.

Application Development:
Contributers to Question Defense have experience building applications in numerous languages including Ruby on Rails, PHP, Java, and Python.

The above items include only a small portion of the services provided by contributers to Question Defense. Other skills possessed by these individuals include VoIP deployements, security audits, ecommerce sites, etc. We all enjoy and understand the fact that technically any goal can be accmoplished. If you have questions about any of the services offered please send us a message.

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