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iPhone Visual Voicemail Not Working With iOS Beta 6

I updated my iPhone to iOS Beta 6 a couple weeks back and ever since I have not been receiving visual voicemail notifications. Initially I thought people were just not leaving me voicemails but once I finally called into voicemail by holding the number one on my iPhone keypad to check voicemail I realized I had 25 voicemails. Once they were all cleared out I moved on the trying to fix the visual voicemail issue which turns out is really easy to resolve by following the below steps.

Fix iPhone Visual Voicemail On iOS Beta 6

Follow the steps below to fix visual voicemail on an iPhone running iOS Beta 6. The current fix was performed on an iPhone using the ATT 4G network however there is no reason to indicate that this would not resolve the issue on any iPhone have a problem with visual voicemail after upgrading to iOS Beta 6 firmware.

  1. Launch iPhone Settings: Click on the Settings icon from the iPhone desktop. Once clicked this will launch the Settings menu on your iPhone running iOS Beta 6 firmware as shown in the below example image.
    Fix iPhone Visual Voicemail iOS Beta 6
  2. iPhone General Settings: Now click General from the main iPhone Settings window shown in the above example image. The General Settings in iOS Beta 6 looks like the below example image.
    iPhone iOS Beta 6 General Settings
  3. iPhone iOS Beta 6 Network Reset: Scroll to the bottom of the General Settings window displayed above and click the Reset button. Once you have clicked on Reset the list of items that can be reset on the iPhone running iOS Beta 6 will display as shown in the below example image.
    Reset Network Settings iPhone iOS Beta 6Click the Reset Network Settings button to reset the iPhone’s network settings. Once clicked the process will begin and will actually reboot your iPhone during the reset process.
  4. Test Visual Voicemail: Likely you are attempting to fix this issue because you have voicemail that has not been displaying as it normally does on your iPhone. Once the iPhone is rebooted and has reconnected to the cellular providers network it will notify you of new voicemail. If you do not have any voicemails waiting have someone call you to leave a voicemail to make sure that you start receiving them at this time.

You now don’t have to miss voicemails that people are leaving for you on your iPhone running iOS Beta 6 firmware.

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