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Configure USB Flash Drive To Work With Xbox 360

Instead of having a hard drive on your Microsoft Xbox 360 you can instead use any USB hard drive. The limitation is the fact that you can only format 16GB of any USB drive to work with the Xbox 360 so unless you want multiple partitions on the USB drive I would actually just purchase a USB flash drive with a maximum of 16GB of usable space. To use the USB flash drive with your Xbox 360 you have to first format the drive which is explained in detail below.

Format USB Drive To Work With Xbox 360:

Follow the directions below to format your USB hard drive for use with your MS Xbox 360.

  1. Power Xbox 360 On: First power your Xbox 360 on to begin the process. At this point it doesn’t matter if the USB flash drive is plugged into the USB port on the Xbox or not.
  2. Xbox 360 System Menu: Now navigate the top navigation menu on your Xbox 360 all the way to the right to System which will display the System sub options as displayed in the below example image.
    Xbox Home Screen Settings Menu
  3. Xbox System Settings Menu: Once you have clicked on System from the Xbox home screen the System Settings menu will display as shown in the below example image.
    Xbox 360 System Settings Menu
  4. Xbox 360 Storage Devices: Scroll down to Storage Devices and click the A button on your Xbox 360 controller to display the list of Storage Devices currently attached to your Xbox 360 as shown in the below example image.
    Xbox 360 Storage DevicesAs you can see in the example image above the USB drive that I want to format is not currently plugged into the Xbox 360. At this time if you do not have the USB hard drive you want to format plugged into your Xbox 360 go ahead and do so. At this step I have also now plugged in the USB drive that I want to format which will refresh the screen and show the newly attached USB drive as shown in the below example.
    Xbox 360 Storage Devices With USB Drive DisplayingNotice the addition of USB Storage Device in the Xbox Storage Device list displayed above.
  5. Xbox Configure USB Device: Move the green bar down to the USB Storage Device and click the A button to display the options of the unformatted USB flash drive as shown in the below example image.
    Xbox 360 Configure USB Device
  6. Format USB Drive: Click the A button to select the first option on the Configure USB Device screen displayed in the above example image which is Configure Now. After selecting Configure Now the below confirmation screen will display.
    Format USB Drive For Xbox 360Click A on the Yes option to confirm you want to proceed with erasing all data on the USB drive and formatting it for use with the Xbox 360 console which will begin the formatting process by displaying the below screen on your Xbox 360.
    Testing & Formatting Xbox 360 USB Flash DriveThe process will take a minute or two depending on the size of the USB flash drive that you are formatting. Once the process completes the below Device Configured confirmation screen will display.
    Xbox 360 USB Drive Device ConfiguredClick the A button for OK which will take you back to the list of Xbox storage devices.
    Xbox 360 Storage Devices List With Formatted USB Drive
  7. Verify Xbox USB Drive Contents: Now that the device has been formatted highlight the USB drive and click A to display the default Xbox 360 storage device folders including Games And Apps, Gamer Profiles, Demos, Videos, Themes, Gamer Pictures, Avatar Items, and System Items as shown in the below example image.
    Xbox 360 USB Drive Folders

You now have a USB storage device that can hold up to 16GB of data for your Xbox 360 including Gamer Profiles, Themes, and Avatars so when you need to travel between locations that have Xbox 360’s already in place you will have the necessary data to use your Xbox 360 login.

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