How To Find Ubuntu Version From Ubuntu Linux CLI

Locating the Ubuntu version is easy regardless of if you need to locate the Ubuntu Linux version from the CLI or via the Ubuntu GUI. I always forget what the CLI command is so this is as much reference for myself as it is sharing with others. Below I describe how to determine Ubuntu version from the Ubuntu Linux CLI and the Ubuntu Linux GUI.

Determine Ubuntu Linux Version From Ubuntu CLI:

Determining the Ubuntu Linux version from the command line is easy as shown in the below example output.


  1. user@dev:~$ lsb_release -a
  2. No LSB modules are available.
  3. Distributor ID: Ubuntu
  4. Description:    Ubuntu 11.04
  5. Release:        11.04
  6. Codename:       natty
  7. user@dev:~$

Determine Ubuntu Linux Version From Ubuntu GUI:

You can also easily locate Ubuntu version using the Ubuntu Linux graphical interface as shown in the below example images. First you will click on the Settings icon located in the top right corner of a default Ubuntu 12.04 LTS install and select System Settings from the drop down menu. Once the System Settings window displays click on the Details icon to display Ubuntu Linux version information.

Ubuntu Linux Settings Menu:

Ubuntu Desktop Settings Menu

Ubuntu Linux System Settings Window:

Ubuntu System Settings Window

Ubuntu Linux Version Details Window:

Ubuntu Version Details Window

Thats it. You now have two easy methods to obtain the Ubuntu Linux version information.

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