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Remove GPS Data From iPhone Images On Mac OSX

The past couple of days I have written a couple articles about how to view iPhone image GPS data on a Mac using Photoshop and Preview. Each of these articles included a mini warning at the bottom of the article noting that you should keep the GPS data in mind when uploading images to social media sites, sharing the images, etc. so I figured I should write a quick article showing a method you could use to remove this GPS data before sharing the images either on social media sites, via email, etc. Below there are details of an easy way to remove GPS details from images on Mac OSX.

Why Should You Care About iPhone Image GPS Data?

The simple explanation for me is privacy. Some social media sites offer a bit of privacy regarding sharing images that you upload however others do not. Also you have to understand the security settings offered by sites such as Facebook to be able to configure them properly where people you are not familiar with will not be able to view your images. Think about the fact of uploading Christmas pictures that might include opening presents at your own house Christmas morning as well as images of Christmas dinner at your parents house on Christmas evening. If the GPS data is included with these images and you don’t have the security settings configured properly on the social media sites you have decided to upload too then anyone in the world could obtain your home address and your parents home address in a under a minute. That is simply one example in an entire list of examples that would make it easy for anyone in the world to basically track your every movement using the GPS data in images you post online including the location where you work, where you workout, or even the other places you visit on a regular basis which when thinking about this in depth actually can be fairly scary to think how easy someone could know the details of every place you have ever been.

What Can I Do To Hide My iPhone Image GPS Data:

Below are two different options for combating the issue of location data within images. The first is turning off the iPhone Camera location data. You can do this very easily however this may not be convenient for people that actually prefer that images include the location data so there is also a second method that provides an easy way to remove the GPS data from specific images. If you were to use the second option you could only remove GPS data from photos that you share on social media sites for instance.

Disable GPS Data or Location Data From Images Taken With iPhone Camera:

The first method is to simply disable the location data from being automatically included with images taken using your iPhone camera. Most people likely don’t even know that the location data exists and therefore would not even miss it if it was turned off. Then other people such as myself prefer that the location data be included as I may take an image where I need to know the longitude and latitude at a later date so I keep the location data for iPhone images enabled since I am not to worried about people knowing the places that I visit as when I am in Louisville I pretty much don’t leave a 4 block radius anyhow. To disable the location data for images taken with your iPhone camera use the below steps.

  1. Open iPhone Settings: First you need to click on the Settings icon on your iPhone desktop which will launch the iPhone Settings screen as shown in the below example image.
    iPhone Settings Screen
  2. Open iPhone Location Services: Once the iPhone Settings screen is displayed as shown in the above example image you will be able to click on Location Services so go ahead and do that. Once you click on Location Services you will see a list of applications that all use the GPS Data provided by your iPhone including the iPhone Camera. To disable GPS data from being attached to iPhone images simply change the setting to Off next to the Camera application as shown in the below example image.
    iPhone Location Services ScreenWith the Camera setting set to Off underneath Location Services the GPS data will no longer be included with images taken using the iPhone camera. It would be worth the time to also look through the list of applications that use the iPhone GPS data so you know what applications are able to track your movements.

One Easy Method To Remove iPhone GPS Data From Images:

If you decided that you do want the GPS data to be included with the images that you take using the iPhone camera however you wanted to only remove GPS data from specific images that you share that is easy to accomplish as well. You can install the NoIMGData application from the Apple App Store. Launch the App Store from your Macintosh desktop, search for NoIMGData, and install the application which costs $1.99. There are many different ways to remove GPS data from images however this method is easy and fairly cheap which is why it is included in this article. If you are set on not spending a penny on accomplishing the goal of removing GPS data from iPhone images a Google search would likely provide numerous solutions.

NoIMGData: Remove GPS Data From Images

The NoIMGData doesn’t provide many options so it will not only remove the GPS Data but also all of the other data attached to the image. The below example image shows the NoIMGData interface which provides a mini window where you can drag images into it and have the GPS and other data removed from an image.

NoIMGData Interface Window

As you can see in the example image above there are only two options that you can set with NoIMGData including if you want to only clear GPS data or if you want to clear all meta data from the image and if you want to create a new image without the GPS data/EXIF data or if you want to overwrite the original image. This application provides an easy method to scrub the GPS data from images before uploading to social media sites or sharing images with people you might not feel comfortable knowing the location the image was taken.

While you may not care if GPS data is shared with the images you share you should definitely be aware that the location the image was taken is shared behind the scenes each time you post an image online.

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